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Commitment to Serve

Every business can benefit from the attention, diligence and experience of a general counsel. However, not every business can afford an in-house attorney. This is where Stutzman & Klotz steps in. The firm provides comprehensive, outsourced general counsel services to companies of all sizes, in a variety of industries.

The knowledgeable business attorneys at Stutzman & Klotz can fulfill the general counsel function to satisfy your business’ day-to-day legal needs.

Our all-inclusive virtual general counsel services can save your business time and money, and provide you with peace of mind. When you hire our firm, your company will enjoy all the advantages of an experienced in-house counsel, while keeping your legal costs to a minimum.

Benefits of Virtual General Counsel

Our lawyers have served as outsourced general counsel for a variety of public and private businesses, including petrochemical companies, banks, investment advisory firms, manufacturing companies, engineering firms, environmental companies and more. By outsourcing your general counsel, your business benefits in a variety of ways, including:

  • Regular access to full-service law firm resources
  • Predictable, transparent and cost-effective legal fees
  • Reliable service from attorneys with diverse law experience
  • Litigation management by experienced trial counsel
  • Prepared for any Legal Challenge

“Our goal is get to know your business from the
inside-out. By gaining in-depth knowledge about
your company, the firm is prepared for any legal
challenge or corporate transaction. With every
legal matter that arises, your attorney will
zealously protect your reputation, your trade
secrets and your rights.”
-Mark E. Stutzman & Randall B. Klotz